Dr. Nashat Latib

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Women’s hormonal health, wellness, & natural fertility, reimagined.

As an ER doctor, I believe women’s hormones are in a state of emergency and I’m here to help you feel balanced in a way you never thought possible.


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I’ll have what she’s having.

Hi, I’m Dr. Nashat Latib and I believe that with a little support, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN can feel and look better than they could ever imagine.

My mission is to uncover the root cause of what’s keeping your body out of balance using real science and evidence-based medicine.

I know it may seem impossible to crack the code on your body (I bet some docs may have even tried and failed too)… but it’s only because you haven’t learned the language of your body. It’s complex and really comes down to your personal biochemistry.

By working together, I’ll partner with you to uncover what you probably thought was impossible: vibrant energy, high quality sleep, a clear mind, and endless confidence in a body that brings you joy. Your health goals are WELL within reach.


I’m trying to
get pregnant and
need support.

I’m trying to feel
healthy & vibrant

and need support.

When it comes to women’s hormones, we are currently facing a functional emergency — I’m here to help.

As an ER doc, I deal with life and death daily so I don’t use the word emergency lightly.

I believe women’s hormonal health is in a state of a functional emergency.

Chronic stress, anxiety and the current world climate have put our fear state at an all-time high across the board. The widespread hormone imbalance I see daily is a reflection of the overwhelming inability of our bodies to keep up with the endless pressure.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant naturally, gearing up for a round of IVF, or entering into those dreaded “peri & menopausal years,” it’s easy to get lost in overwhelm and the abundance of confusing “answers” out there for why you may not be feeling like yourself.

When you aren’t feeling good in your skin, wake up tired and in a fog, it’s easy to overlook your health. It may even feel selfish. Life keeps going. The demands are relentless. When things feel so stressful, and real, sometimes the last thing you have the bandwidth to do is address your health. It feels like too much “work” amidst the exhaustion.

What’s more? You’ve likely already been told by your doctor that everything is “normal” or that you’re “just getting older”.

But, I’m here to tell you that it is not normal and you’re not “just getting older”.

Addressing the root cause of your symptoms will leave you feeling vibrant and better than you have ever felt before.

What if…

Your health MATTERS.

You will show up better for your family, your community and at work if you are feeling healthy, balanced, energized, and happy.

And that’s more important now than ever before.

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