Dr. Nashat Latib

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Does your dream of starting a family feel impossible?

My approach to helping my clients and patients overcome infertility is highly personalized combining the power of epigenetics, lifestyle, and nutrition to achieve optimal health, vibrancy, and fertility.

Are you forcing yourself to accept that having a child might not be your destiny?

How about the broken and insecure sentiments that come from feeling unable to do something that other women seem to do so easily and naturally?

I see you. I feel you. I was there too.

You’re in the right place if one or more of the following apply:

At this point it probably feels like you’ve done “all the things” and you have an unofficial research degree from all of your 3 AM google sessions trying to figure this all out.

You’re probably also feeling burnt out and ready to scream at the next person who tells you to “just relax and let it happen.”

I know you can totally relate!

My Fertility Story

I know you likely feel skeptical at the moment. You probably feel like the only way to get pregnant may challenge your body, finances, and relationship. Perhaps you have been told that IVF is the ONLY option.

I remember feeling exactly the same way when I went through my own infertility journey.

If only I had know then what I know now I could have done a few SIMPLE things to help my body get pregnant, NATURALLY. It would have saved me a ton of time, money, and frankly, heartache.

My own struggle with infertility is what has inspired me to share, not only the hard lessons I learned after the fact…but also the secrets to optimizing innate fertility that I have since uncovered during my many years of training and clinical experience.

The craving for motherhood is multifaceted and pulls each woman differently. Even though your story isn’t my story, I know what the aching for motherhood feels like and the frustration when your body just won’t cooperate.

I want to help you re-write your family and fertility story to reveal the amazing mother within you. Our science-based, clinically proven, 4R Fertility Formula will help you get pregnant naturally without endless trips to the doctor’s office, painful injections, or harmful hormones.

Learn more about the Reimagined Fertility group program which helps busy couples struggling with infertility improve their chances of getting pregnant naturally. Our proprietary process has had more than an 80% success rate.

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    Adrenal Fatigue (HPA Axis Dysfunction) / Acne / Arthritis / Autoimmune Conditions / Chronic Fatigue / Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder) / Diabetes / Digestive Disorders (Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Acid Reflux) / Elevated Cholesterol / Environmental Allergies(Asthma) / Environmental Toxicity / Heavy Metal Toxicity / Fibromyalgia / Food Allergies (Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity) / Genetic Testing / Hypothyroidism / Heart Health / Hypertension / Hormone Imbalance / Fatty Liver Disease / Metabolic Syndrome / Pre-diabetes / Migraines and Headaches / Osteoporosis / Poor Memory and Cognitive Problems / Sleep/Insomnia and much more….
    There are two ways we can work together — either 1:1 at Sydenham Clinic in Houston, TX or by joining one of my group programs.