Dr. Nashat Latib

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The Gut-Fertility Connection

Discover the crucial role of the gut-fertility connection in reproductive health. Learn how leaky gut syndrome and chronic inflammation can impact fertility, and find out how healing your gut can boost your chances of conception and support a healthy pregnancy.


Fibroids – A Secret Cause of Unexplained Infertility

Are fibroids blocking your pregnancy plans? Learn how these extremely common uterine tumors create false diagnoses of unexplained infertility. Discover natural holistic protocols integrating diet, herbs, nutrients, stress relief, and sleep optimization that gently resolve fibroids, enhancing fertility without IVF treatment or surgery.


Glyphosate & Fertility

Discover how glyphosate (Roundup) harms your fertility. Get tips to remove this herbicide from your body as well as functional medicine techniques for advanced interventions that can help resolve unexplained infertility so you can get pregnant naturally.


Natural Conception vs IVF

Is natural conception better than IVF? Discover what functional medicine has to say and use these scientifically sound strategies to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally—as well as if you choose to do IVF.


Your Guide to Improving Egg Quality Naturally

Learn 7 simple, natural steps you can take right now to improve egg quality at any age. Get fertility expert tips on diet, nutrients, detoxification, managing stress, lifestyle changes, herbs, and more to protect and nourish your ovarian reserve to increase your chances of pregnancy.