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How Glyphosate Impacts Your Fertility and Conception Journey

By Dr. Nashat Latib • May 15, 2024

How To Remove This Herbicide Toxin from Your Body

As a fertility specialist utilizing functional and integrative methods to promote natural conception, I often uncover hidden links between environmental toxin exposures and couples struggling with unexplained infertility. 

One pervasive and damaging toxin – glyphosate – has invaded our food system and cells, covertly disrupting delicate reproductive pathways. 

Research proves that glyphosate not only negatively affects fertility, but also every other system inside the body! Eliminating your exposure and clearing it from your body can greatly help boost your chances of conception success.

What is Glyphosate and Why is it Harmful?

Glyphosate is an herbicide regularly used in commercial crop production. It is commonly known as Roundup.

Why would anyone willingly spray poison on their food? Well, if you have ever tended a backyard garden or tried to grow your own veggies, then you know very well how rapidly weeds can take over and how many invasive insects arrive to feast. 

Large-scale farmers wrestle with these same yield-destroying forces, but to an enormous degree, requiring interventions to protect investments.

As global populations expand exponentially, bountiful harvests are urgently needed to feed all those mouths. This intensifying pressure on agricultural systems to churn out high volumes of blemish-free produce at breakneck speed forces growers’ dependence on chemical pesticides and herbicides.

While these toxic chemicals fend off competitor plants and ravaging bugs (which can make the difference between farmers being able to feed themselves and their own families), they also pose significant long-term health risks for those of us who eat them.

These days, glyphosate has made its way into the literal plants and seeds farmers use to grow their crops via GMOs (or genetically modified organisms).

As one of the most commonly used pesticides globally, glyphosate residues also lurk in our water, air, and soil—not to mention, all the processed foods in grocery stores and online. Chronic exposure is almost unavoidable. 

Inside the body, evidence reveals glyphosate can create significant harm—depleting minerals, impairing detoxification, altering gastrointestinal balance, and acting as a reproductive hormone disruptor.

From a fertility perspective, research experiments conducted both in cell cultures and animal models reveal that glyphosate-containing herbicides like Roundup demonstrate the ability to mimic estrogen’s effects in the body. Accumulating scientific data also strongly suggests these chemicals can impair normal hormone signaling pathways, with detrimental reproductive consequences for fertility, fetal development, and birth outcomes.

Detoxifying Glyphosate from Your Body

From a functional health perspective, toxin exposures like glyphosate silently sabotage fertility on cellular and hormonal levels. However, the body has a remarkable capacity to heal and self-correct, if supported properly. 

Strategically avoiding further glyphosate exposure from food and the environment is vital. 

Here are 7 simple ways you can do this on your own:

  1. Choose organic foods – particularly those on the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” which lists out the crops with the most pesticides.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables immediately when you get them home – even 20 seconds under cool running water, rubbing gently helps remove the majority of herbicides and pesticides
  3. Peel your produce – the chemicals sit on the outer portion of your fruits and vegetables.
  4. Use natural pest control methods – for example, vinegar, essential oils, or manual removal.
  5. Purify your water at home – glyphosate is so pervasive that it’s found in the water flowing into our homes.
  6. Choose plant-based, organic products instead of traditional home and self-care products (shampoos, soaps, and even dental hygiene products), which can contain hidden glyphosate.
  7. Reduce processed, packaged foods from both conventional and fast food supply chains, as glyphosate accumulates in animal products and multi-ingredient products.

Unfortunately for most people, those steps aren’t enough to adequately remove glyphosate from cells. We have been exposed so consistently, for so long, that those toxins have dug in deep. And they’re notoriously difficult to remove.

So I guide my clients through specialized nutrition and integrative protocols to help expedite the process. This often includes specific binders, chelators, and botanical antioxidants designed to actively capture circulating glyphosate and promote safe elimination. 

The overall goal is to promote your innate detoxification processes so they can do their job well.

For example, ensuring you are consuming antioxidants daily helps facilitate efficient detoxification. Probiotic foods bolster gut integrity against the leakage of toxins into circulation. Eating “liver scrubbing” foods such as leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and turmeric stimulates and amplifies the detoxification power of your liver.

By methodically cleansing glyphosate out of your body’s cells and tissues, hormone pathways normalize, inflammation subsides, and nutritional status rebounds – fast-tracking conception.

Can Eliminating Glyphosate Restore Fertility?

Once released from glyphosate’s toxic clutches, I’ve seen patients’ reproductive capacities transform – ovulation normalizes, sperm parameters improve, and conceptions unfold as nature intended. The profound link between promoting detoxification pathways using evidence-based functional health methods and improved fertility cannot be understated. 

Beyond glyphosate, this model applies to all environmental chemicals including phthalates and PFOAs accumulating in our bodies – the hidden culprits behind “unexplained” infertility. As toxic burden lifts, the body’s innate wisdom takes over, allowing the body to focus on reproduction instead of merely trying to survive the toxic overload it’s been plagued by.


I encourage all couples struggling to conceive naturally to explore functional testing for environmental toxins, including glyphosate. You’ll be astonished to find out your actual cumulative toxic burden.

Collaborating with a functional fertility specialist like me helps reduce this burden. Instead of just focusing on one specific part of your body (your reproductive organs) our goal is to heal your entire body through personalized nutrition and detoxification protocols. The end result? Better chances of conception success — without extreme medical intervention.

If you would like our support to walk through the process step by step, we are here for you! Watch our free, on-demand masterclass here and take the action step to apply to work with us. We’ve helped countless couples like you succeed in optimizing their fertility, even when they are starting a family a little later in life.


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