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What is the “Preconception Period”?

By Dr. Nashat Latib • May 23, 2023

How preparation before baby needs to be a conscious period of adaptation

Preparing for a baby is one of the most exciting and transformative periods of a couple’s life. It is a time when they embark on a journey of conscious adaptation, where they can make lifestyle changes that will positively impact their fertility, pregnancy, and their future child’s health. The preconception period, as it is commonly known, is a crucial time when couples can optimize their health and well-being before conception.

The Preconception Period

The preconception period refers to the time before pregnancy when couples can take steps to improve their health and fertility, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. This period typically lasts three to six months, but it is recommended to start at least one year before trying to conceive. During this time, both partners should undergo a comprehensive health evaluation, and any underlying medical conditions should be addressed.

As a functional medicine specialist in fertility, I often advise couples to use the preconception period to make positive lifestyle changes that will optimize their health and well-being. This period should be a time of self-reflection, where couples can evaluate their diet, exercise habits, stress levels, and environmental exposures. These factors can have a significant impact on fertility, and making positive changes can increase the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Lifestyle Upgrades in the Preconception Period

  1. Diet plays a critical role in fertility, and couples should focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. They should avoid processed and junk food, as well as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. A healthy diet can improve the quality of sperm and eggs, balance hormone levels, and regulate blood sugar levels. If functional lab testing reveals certain nutrient deficiencies, then you could incorporate specific whole foods to account for the missing elements or take a natural supplement.
  2. Exercise is also essential during the preconception period. Moderate exercise can improve blood flow, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy weight, which can positively impact fertility. However, excessive exercise can have the opposite effect and negatively impact fertility, so couples should aim for moderate and consistent exercise.
  3. Stress is a common cause of infertility, and the preconception period is an ideal time for couples to develop stress-management techniques. Stress reduction can be achieved through various techniques, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and mindfulness.
  4. Environmental toxins can also negatively impact fertility, and couples should take steps to minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals. They can do this by avoiding plastic containers and bottles, using natural cleaning products, and choosing organic food whenever possible.
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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the preconception period is a crucial time when couples can optimize their health and well-being before conception. By making positive lifestyle changes, such as improving their diet, exercise habits, and stress levels, and minimizing their exposure to environmental toxins, couples can increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. As a functional medicine physician who specializes in fertility, I advise all couples to use this period wisely and embark on a journey of conscious adaptation that will positively impact their lives and the life of their future child.

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