Dr. Nashat Latib

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Your Guide to Improving Egg Quality Naturally

Learn 7 simple, natural steps you can take right now to improve egg quality at any age. Get fertility expert tips on diet, nutrients, detoxification, managing stress, lifestyle changes, herbs, and more to protect and nourish your ovarian reserve to increase your chances of pregnancy.


How Sugar Sabotages Your Fertility

If you’ve been given an unexplained infertility diagnosis – or simply haven’t been able to conceive naturally – excess sugar could be a hidden culprit. Learn precisely how and why sugar disrupts delicate hormonal pathways, increases inflammation, enables gut imbalance, and cripples reproductive potential in both women and men.

Vitamin D and fertility


The Sunshine Vitamin Enhancing Fertility with Vitamin D

The critical link between Vitamin D and fertility includes how this nutrient is essential in influencing ovulation, hormonal balance, and a successful pregnancy. Men’s fertility and health are also significantly impacted by Vitamin D. Learn how to optimize your natural fertility journey with Vitamin D. Dive into the science behind Vitamin D’s role in enhancing reproductive health.

Fertility sleep and stress


Snooze to Conceive How Sleep Affects Fertility

Science-backed secrets to enhance your fertility naturally and understanding the impact of sleep quality and stress management on reproductive health. Read more about the connection between restful sleep, hormone balance, and successful conception. Learn practical strategies for improving your sleep and reducing stress to empower your fertility journey.